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Yoga for the Special Child

August 21-26, 2017
9 am - 5 pm

Basic Certification Program Part 1
Sonia Sumar, Facilitator

South Shore Conservatory
64 St. George Street, Duxbury, MA

Join the world-renowned Sonia Sumar as she leads this comprehensive training course in the theory and practice of yoga for babies and children with learning or developmental disabilities from birth to 12 years. Using hands-on and video instruction, Mrs. Sumar guides participants through each of the successive stages in the special child's development - from infancy through adolescence. Designed for parents and their children, yoga teachers, educators and health care professionals, it provides the basic tools for teaching yoga to children with special needs. Topics include: choosing the most effective yoga routine, creating the optimum home and classroom environment, specialized breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to improve concentration, and working with different syndromes and disorders.

2017 Tuition: $985
$250/deposit $735/balance due

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child in yoga pose

About the Program

Yoga for the Special Child®, LLC is multi-level comprehensive Program of Yoga techniques designed to enhance the natural development of children with special needs. Our style of Yoga is gentle and therapeutic - safe for babies and children with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Microcephaly, Autism and other developmental disabilities. These methods also provide an effective treatment for children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, ADHD and Learning Disabilities.

Our therapeutic Program includes:
• An integrated series of balanced Yoga poses to increase body awareness and strength.
• Specialized breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to improve concentration.
• An early intervention program to assure the healthy formative development of infants, toddlers and children.

Basic Part 1 comprehensive training program provides the essential tools for working with children with special needs. Using hands-on instruction, Sonia Sumar, guides program participants through each stage of the special child’s development. Topics include how to evaluate infants and children, how to create the optimum home environment and how to work with specific syndromes and disorders.

The Basic Part 1 curriculum includes:
• Specific techniques for evaluating infants and children up to 3 years of age
• The different components of interacting and bonding with infants/children
• The components of Yoga Therapy
• The description of the physiological/psychological benefits
• The four stages of development
1) Preparatory Stage (birth – 6 months)
2) Inductive Stage (6 months – 1 year)
3) Interactive Stage (1 – 2 years)
4) Imitative Stage (2 – 3 years) 
• Specific techniques for evaluating and working with kids 3-12 years old
• Videos and/or demonstration of working with children of different ages
• Contra-indications
• Relaxation techniques

Who Should Attend
Yoga for the Special Child® is ideal for parents, caregivers, yoga teachers, educators,
occupational, physical, and speech therapists, nurses, or anyone interested in teaching yoga to
children with special needs.

Continuing Education or Professional Development Points

Please contact Gita Brown and list your state and professional credit requested. Every effort will be made to accommodate your request, you will be notified if your request has been approved. or (781)934-2731 ext. 20

Sonia Sumar
Sonia Sumar, the founder of Yoga for the Special Child, has been teaching yoga to children with special needs since 1972. She began her teaching career after the birth of her daughter, Roberta, in 1972. Roberta was born with Down Syndrome, a genetic disorder that involves developmental delays. Sonia began adapting yoga to her child's unique needs, and after noticing many positive changes, she expanded her teaching throughout Brazil. Her teaching style and method is designed to help the world's special children achieve their full potential and become active and productive members of society.

The success and popularity of Sonia's unique method has spread all over the world. Sonia leads Yoga for the Special Child trainings in the United States, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, Taiwan, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Sweden, India, France, Portugal and Malaysia. She is a frequent presenter at The National Kids Yoga Conference and the Accessible Yoga Conference.

Sonia's Book Yoga for the Special Child has been published in English, Chinese, Dutch and Portuguese. Sonia is a member of Yoga Alliance, Integral Yoga Teachers Association and International Association of Yoga Therapists.


Yoga for the Special Child website

Yoga for the Special Child®, LLC is Registered with the Yoga Alliance 200 hour Teacher Training, the Integral Yoga Teachers Association, and Yoga Therapists Associations. For more information please go to, or contact Program Coordinator, at or 781-934-2731, ext. 20.