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Afternoon PreK
M-F, 12 - 3:30 pm

Heidi Kalil

The prek prides itself in having a rich curriculum. We work closely with the pre-school and kindergarten teachers so as NOT to duplicate themes in order to give each child new learning experiences with every program. However, we do coordinate our themes whenever possible with music and movement teachers and within the other areas of our curriculum in order to reinforce subject matter with the arts and foster multiple intelligences. Our curriculum changes yearly but some of the "constant" themes we explore are: colors, shapes, letters and their sounds, writing, numbers (1-100 and counting by tens), graphing, patterns, manners, senses/emotions, our bodies/nutrition, sign language and famous artists. In addition, we may also incorporate storytelling/writing, science experiments, cooking, weather, measuring, dinosaurs, telling time, fire safety and community workers.
Heidi Kalil, Lead Teacher


Typical Daily Schedule - PreK

12:00-12:20 lunch/clean-up
12:20-12:45 welcome/story
12:45-1:00 calendar
1:00-1:30 music/movement/drama
1:30-2:00 small group instruction-*see curriculum for themes we study
2:00-2:45 choice/clean-up
2:45-3:00 snack
3:00-3:30 pack up/outdoor play