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The Playground Committee

Gordon Carr, Chair

Nicole Bellows

Marie Bohane

Lisa Bradl

Bryan Carter
Kerrie Coughlin
Marrianne Gruver
Whitney Jiranek

Jamie Oppedisano

Gia Ramza







































































































SSC Playground



Debra and Stephen Hines


Wallace M. Leonard Foundation 

Kerrie and James Coughlin
Lauren and Jon Cressman

Dolly and Mark DeNyse

Christine and Michael J. Puzo 


Adele and Bryan Carter

Nicole and Jeff Bellows

Margery and Gordon Carr
The Farley Family

Pam Hansen and Jamie Oppedisano

Barbara and Matthew Lynch

Lara and Hamlen Thompson  

Joy Anne MacConnell 

Lisa and Tim Bradl

Kristin and Francis Casey

Ryan and Nicole Cox

Jack, Luke and Daniel Linnehan

Katharine and Sean Newth


Gerry Rankin and Valerie Codyre

Laura and Chris Accettella

Marie and Chris Bohane

Graham Carlson and Family

Elizabeth and Gerald Crean

Susan and William R. Fitzpatrick
Whitney and Stephen Jiranek

Elizabeth Moulds and Greg Corbett

Gia and Tim Ramza 

Mara and Richard Calame

Mrs. and Mr. Neal Crespi

Mrs. and Mr. Mark C. Fabbro

Jodi and Guillermo Trinchet

Stephanie C. Olsen Photography  

Mary Pat and Dan Kilcullen

Patrick and Louisa Milligan

The Reynolds Family

Claire and Ray Haddad

Judy and Hank Lynch 

Christine and Brendan Burke
Donna and Robert Clifford

The Enders Family

Joanne and Mark Golden

Ellen Hanson and Jamie Hawes

The Hill Family

Douglas and Heather Robinson  
The Sommers Family

Holly and Chris Sullivan

Beatrix Boer and Family

Kelsey Connors and Family

Eric and Angelyn Cornetta

Molly and Brian Garrity

Drs. D. Scott and Ayca Gazelle

The Grossman Family

Veronica Madden and John Glavin

Richard H. Miller, III and Family

The Oddleifson Family

Rudy and Ron Vale


The Barao Family

The Cavanaugh Family

Ashley Jewell and Family

Janine Tangney and Torrey Fuller


The Amontea Family


Eric P. Byrne