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Carlos Sulbarán

Carlos Sulbarán

Teaching Artist Statement 
I believe that access to a high-quality music education is a fundamental human right. I also believe every student can be successful in their musical pursuits when a well-structured, student-centered curriculum is implemented, and a safe, joyful, and non-judgmental classroom environment is created. I am eager to work with South Shore Conservatory students and colleagues.

Teaching Bio 
An active musician and music educator in the New England area, and music conductor of the Bernstein Orchestra at the Conservatory Lab Charter in Boston, MA, Carlos Sulbarán has experience working with musicians of various skill levels, ages, and backgrounds. Where he most connects is with students and ensembles, motivating them to achieve their highest level of musicianship. His aspiration is that each musician grows and develops character traits that transcend rehearsal spaces, empowering them to make a difference in themselves and their communities. As a member of the El Sistema movement since its inception in the United States in 2012, Carlos has experienced the transformative power of music first-hand in his work at Conservatory Lab and amongst others Sistema programs across the US. A graduate of Vicente Emilio Sojo Conservatory in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, Carlos has been with South Shore Conservatory since 2017.

Performing Bio 
Carlos is an active member of the Boston Jazz/Latin scene, collaborating with many different artists such as Bryan Cetlin Jazz Quintet and The Venezuelan Project, a group based on playing Venezuelan music. In this group Carlos has the opportunity to be a full multi-instrumentalist, and the experiences of playing music from all over the world focusing on a fusion world music, Venezuelan music, Jazz and Latin-American music. Carlos had the opportunity to perform with numerous Venezuelan and International musicians such as Gilad Hekselman, Carlos del Puerto, Richard Galliano, Yamandu Costa, Hamilton de Holanda, Gustavo Dudamel, Edmar Castaneda, Gordon Stout, Arturo Sandoval, Otmaro Ruiz, Sergio George and more. Prior to arriving in the United States, Carlos took first place as a cuatro soloist in the 2008 Festival de Música Llanera "El Silbón de Oro" performing an original composition, and was an invited participant in the Tercer Concurso Internacional La Siembra del Cuatro where he took third place. Carlos has been a featured soloist with Coral Cantigas, a vocal ensemble in Washington, DC, and performs jazz regularly in Ithaca, NY with the EvansTomic Band, Mark Turner Quartet and Edward Simon. His most recent collaboration was on New York City based percussionist/composer Colleen Clark's debut recording, Introducing Colleen Clark. A graduate of Vicente Emilio Sojo Conservatory in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, Carlos has been with South Shore Conservatory since 2017.