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Ed Sorrentino

Teaching Artist Statement
Percussion is defined as any instrument (or object) that you strike, shake or shake to produce sound.  In my experience, children and adults view playing percussion as a fun and meaningful way to make music. Because “FUN” is a huge part of the success of learning any instrument, or anything for that matter, I incorporate an element of fun into my teaching whenever possible. During most lessons, students are learning more than just their physical instrument; they are learning lifelong skills that they will take with them forever. I often tell younger students to go home and “play” as opposed to “practice.”  This mindset yields successful results.  I believe that the more you play at anything the better you get.

Teaching Bio
Ed Sorrentino, South Shore Conservatory (SSC) Percussion Department Chair, Jazz/Rock/Pop Department Co-Chair, and Summer Music Festival Program Director, received a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from Berklee College of Music. In addition to being a percussion instructor at SSC and Foxboro High School, Ed is a certified drum circle facilitator, trained Health RHYTHMS group empowerment drumming facilitator, and Health RHYTHMS adolescent protocol facilitator who enjoys working with many diverse populations.  He has been recognized for his innovative work with adults and children with disabilities. He has been with South Shore Conservatory since 1979.

Performance Bio
Ed Sorrentino is a busy freelance percussionist, performing a variety of genres of music throughout New England. His performance resume includes Boston Children’s Chorus, Chorus pro Musica and Cambridge Community Chorus. He has performed and recorded with jazz artists such as Herb Pomeroy, Mark Kross and Billy Novick. Over the years he has performed in over 50 professional musicals and is a member of the New England Percussion Ensemble.  He has been with South Shore Conservatory since 1979.