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Juli Morgan

Juli Morgan

Teaching Artist Statement
Music is a passion. It is a joy, an endless journey towards an ever-changing destination. I picked up a guitar one day in the summer before my sixteenth birthday, and I have been a student of music ever since.  I strive to evolve as a player and a teacher, which allows me to share a diverse perspective with my students. With every new student, I grow as a teacher. While I seek to share aspects I believe are essential for developing musicians, I also work to customize my approach to the needs of the student and structure my lessons to help them realize and meet their personal goals.  Music is about hard work and discipline, but it’s also about fun, enjoyment, and artistic expression. I hope to instill in each student the passion and desire to continue their musical journey, and to encourage them to find joy in the art of voice and guitar. 

Teaching Bio
Juli Morgan started teaching in 1997 at Sluggo Music in Tacoma, WA. She ultimately followed her dream, and earned her bachelor degree in guitar performance, graduating summa cum laude from Berklee College of Music. She has taught at Berklee College of Music and Guitar Center, encouraging students to reach their full potential. Juli worked as a master teacher at Stonehill College for the “I’m With The Band” program. She coached students to produce a concert for 300 of their peers as well as their parents. They also completed a project at a world-class recording studio. She was honored to join the faculty at SSC in 2017 as a Contemporary Rock Guitar Instructor/Vocal Coach.

Performance Bio
Juli Morgan is a songwriter, singer, guitarist, and teacher. She was a founding member of the instrumental trio Destiny and has played live nationally, opening for artists such as Joe Satriani, Robin Trower, Ronnie James Dio, and Blue Oyster Cult.  She has won numerous guitar competitions including Joe Satriani’s Whooznxt, hosted by Guitar Center in 2012, and Lincoln Brewster’s “Show Me What You Got” in 2010. Before moving to Boston she played for the Pacific Northwest’s premiere dance band, The Rhythm Nation and the Disco/Funk sensation, DanceMaxx Band. Juli earned her bachelor degree in guitar performance, graduating summa cum laude from Berklee College of Music. She plays with local classic rock band, The Experts, and is a member of the Jon Finn Group. She has been in numerous musicals including Seussical, Nice Work if You Can Get It, Bridges of Madison County, and The Altar Boyz. She has been teaching at South Shore Conservatory since 2017.