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Shake Your Soul®

The Yoga of Dance

Emily Browder Melville
Emily Browder Melville teaches wellness-based singing, Music Together®, and is a board-certified music therapist.

Emily Browder Melville

Shake Your Soul® is a joyful dance experience for each body and person. Discover your fluid strength, grace, and balance. Unlock your hips and heart with inspired world beats and irresistible dance classics. Easy-to-follow movements quickly become your own as you commune with yourself and connect with others, feeling deeply energized, relaxed, and alive. This unique program is an invigorating approach to body-spirit fitness, incorporating elements of movement therapy, Qi Kung, yoga, and dance.  





Tuesdays 11:45-12:30
$150, 8 weeks, 45 minute class

 with 10% discount,
$133, 8 weeks, 45 minutes

 Begins October 3


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